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The Colibrí Center for Human Rights

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To end migrant death and suffering on the U.S. Mexico Border

Proyecto CAMMINA


Colibrí is honored to partner with CAMMINA in our work to bring together families who have missing loved ones on the U.S. Mexico border while simultaneously building power within this community in order to achieve lasting change on the border and in the larger struggle for immigrant rights in the United States. 


Estrategia e Impacto

Our strategy is threefold: first, to help identify the dead on the U.S.-Mexico Border through taking comprehensive, forensically relevant missing persons reports in addition to collecting DNA from relatives of the missing. Second, we work to connect these families to one another, helping build power within their community as they organize around common goals. The third and final step in our strategy is to create lasting change by mobilizing families around advocacy goals that include the abolition of laws, practices, and procedures that are harmful to migrant communities while enabling the families we partner with to advocate on their own behalf at both the regional and national levels. At Colibrí we believe that the families impacted by loss on the border are the ones who are best positioned to contest the laws and practices that continue to place people in harm’s way. 

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