Photography by: David Maung.

National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)

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NDLON improves the lives of day laborers in the United States. To this end, NDLON works to unify and strengthen its member organizations to be more strategic and effective in their efforts to develop leadership, mobilize, and organize day laborers in order to protect and expand their civil, labor and human rights. NDLON fosters safer, more humane environments for day laborers, both men and women, to earn a living, contribute to society, and integrate into the community.


Adelante- Centro de Oportunidad y Reintegración El Salvador Worker Center. A trans-national initiative that seeks to remedy some of the problems faced by low-wage workers affected by immigration and deportation, through a set of worker-focused policy interventions to counteract stereotypes of deportees, to improve wages and working conditions in the Salvadorian economy, and to strengthen the civil society infrastructure that supports worker organizing and workers’ rights in El Salvador.  The project represents a unique transnational organizing and advocacy partnership that brings together US labor, US-based worker center leadership, and grassroots organizations in El Salvador.


Strategy and Impact

NDLON aspires to live in a world of diverse communities where day laborers live with full rights and responsibilities in an environment of mutual respect, peace, harmony and justice.


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