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Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)

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Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) an organization that envision a world in which children’s rights and well-being are protected as they migrate alone in search of safety.


 KIND will achieve their vision by:

Ensuring that no child appears in immigration court without high quality legal representation;

Advancing laws, policies, and practices that ensure children’s protection and uphold their right to due process and fundamental fairness; and

Promoting in countries of origin, transit, and destination durable solutions to child migration that are grounded in the best interests of the child and ensure that no child is forced to involuntarily migrate.


The Voices that Matter Most: Empowering Immigrant and Refugee Children in Central America. The project’s main objective is to educate policymakers and to educate and shape public opinion on Central American child migrants/migration and refugees their migration experiences in Mexico, using children’s own words and voices. Specifically, the project seeks to elevate the voices of children/adolescents to educate on their experiences in the context of migration, as well as their ideas for change.


Strategy and Impact

Help children through legal services; public education and outreach in the U.S., Central America and Mexico; and reintegration support for children returning alone from the U.S. to their home countries.


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