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CIEL – Creative Impact and Experience Lab

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CIEL uses culture, innovation, and technology to catalyze social impact in human rights and international development.


Develop and implement a collaborative storytelling campaign to strike at the heart of the anti-immigrant, anti-refugee debate that has engulfed the United States in the wake of the 2016 US election cycle, and which has been brewing for some time before that. The narrative, messaging, timeline, budgets, and target audiences for this campaign remain to be decided, but we understand that the overarching message must always relate to the core narrative of hospitality for migrants -- and that we will use migrants’ own voices and CAMMINA’s key partners as a pillar of the campaign


Strategy and Impact

They apply cultural strategies, creative expression, and stakeholder engagement, striving to distill lived experience to shift perceptions and norms and seed action. We work across multiple communities, including those most affected, and partner with clients -- NGOs, institutions, and individuals -- to assess and analyze community needs, build effective strategies, and create positive change.


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Lina Srivastava

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