Photography by: David Maung.

Alianza Américas (previously known as NALACC)

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Alianza is a non-profit organization comprising 45 organizations and networks led by immigrants and serving immigrants, representing more than 100,000 families. Please contact us at or contact for additional information or to become a member or volunteer. 


Our mission is to achieve a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable way of life for Latin immigrant communities living in the US and the Americas. Through transnational labors with civil society allies, government agencies, organized labor and communities of faith, we want to create a more dignified and just way of life for all persons living in the Americas


This project is focused on promoting and monitoring public policies, by drawing on the capacity, relations and connections that CAMMINA and Allianza Américas have established in the region, to carry out achievable political goals. At the same time, the project is constructing transparency and accountability tools so as to create awareness in policy makers, and in society, on the impact of the public policy that protects the human rights of migrants, and US foreign aid in the region. 


Strategy and Impact

Allianza Americas’ work consists of four primary areas:

  1. Diplomacy geared towards action (through network advocacy,

        leadership institute and education delegations)

  1.  Education delegations and tours in the region
  2. Leadership Institute (training in best practices, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and national and transnational immigration policies, etc.)
  3. Network Advocacy


A key component of the project is the dissemination of communication materials in an educational format, accessible by various media (radio, webinar, website, etc).


Chicago, IL, but the work is transnational within the US and international (with other Latin American countries and the world). 


Oscar Chacon, Executive Director



Cristina Garcia, Manager of Member Mobilization



United States