CAMMINA is a program led by Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP), which seeks to contribute to the freedom of human mobility and the exercise of human rights of the migrant community of Central America, Mexico and the United States.


CAMMINA's mission is to achieve the adoption and effective implementation of public policies that promote and protect human rights, with an emphasis on civil and labor rights, and decent employment of migrant, refugee and asylum-seeker people and their families; as well as the right not to migrate, creating opportunities for them to have a decent and sustainable life in their home communities


Promote and protect the human rights of migrant, refugee and asylum-seekeres through advocacy on public policies related to migration policy, access to justice and the labor systems.


Finally, by bringing together its members’ experience in migration issues, CAMMINA:

  • Amalgamates, articulates and enhances the efforts of various related actors towards change in public policies and paradigms on migration at a regional level.
  • Encourages the opening of key spaces and the representativeness of the voices of migrant, refugee and asylum seeker populations that facilitate advocacy.
  • Takes advantage of niches to strengthen regional capacities that nobody else is addressing.
  • Produces knowledge through innovation and the collective experience in advocacy models that are more efficient.
  • Creates and shares a regional and cross-cutting vision of actors, influencing factors and context involved in migration issues.
  • Generates and manages financial resources, while providing flexibility in using them, always oriented towards creating value through solid advocacy commitments.